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Ici des chroniques écrites par Lester (Serge) et Bangs (Jess). Présentations faites, passons au contenu : ce blog est destiné à faire partager des disques, récents comme oubliés, (connus par 3,52% de la population mondiale et par toi!). Parlons enfin Rock'n'roll, sans répit ni compromis. Sortez vinyles et tee shirt de fans, trainez en calbute, buvez bières & coca: Starting Over!

THE YOUNG SINCLAIRS' This is the Young Sinclairs

Publié le 8 Octobre 2014 par Lester&Bangs in News

THE YOUNG SINCLAIRS' This is the Young Sinclairs

The Young Sinclairs’ This is the Young Sinclairs arrives in stores October 13th in the UK via Ample Play Records and in the US on October 14 via Darla Records. On vinyl.

"Most modern-day garage rock bands aim to sound as hard as possible, butThe Young Sinclairs from Roanoke, Virginia, USA, in the Blue Ridge Mountains are a ’60s-influenced group who’ve sworn allegiance to the jingle jangle sound of classic folk-rock and early stirrings of psychedelia. The Young Sinclairs emerged from the Magic Twig Community, like-minded musicians operating their own recording studio, deep in the woods where they have produced and engineered all their recordings". (AMPLE PLAY)

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