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Ici des chroniques écrites par Lester (Serge) et Bangs (Jess). Présentations faites, passons au contenu : ce blog est destiné à faire partager des disques, récents comme oubliés, (connus par 3,52% de la population mondiale et par toi!). Parlons enfin Rock'n'roll, sans répit ni compromis. Sortez vinyles et tee shirt de fans, trainez en calbute, buvez bières & coca: Starting Over!

THE SUNCHYMES - Let Your Free Flag Fly - 2012

Publié le 25 Janvier 2013 par Lester&Bangs in Disques





The music of The Sunchymes is a summery fusion of power pop and psychedelia which has been compared to the likes of The Beach Boys, Wondermints, Beatles, The Byrds, Jellyfish and Baby Lemonade. (It's Only Rock'N'Roll)


After a good debut LP, Aaron Hemmington has fulfilled his promise of making The Sunchymes album that marries the Wondermints/Curt Boettcher like arrangements to hook filled melodies. The intricate techniques of 60′s sunshine pop are on full display with “Revelations In Her Mind” and the solid hook in “Aquarius Summer” make it sweet ear candy. Most of the album fits stylistically within the genre of British psyche pop and 60′s California sound. The west coast sounds on “Enchanted Girl” are kissed with harmonies along the lines of Cowsills or the Zombies. Then “Astronomical Clock” mixes Brian Wilson Pet Sounds with a swirling psychedelic mellotron.  This playful ambience is also a big part of “Uncle Alfred’s Slide Show.” Fans of Magical Mystery Tour era Beatles will love “Your Disguise” and Beach Boys fans will enjoy “On A Summer Ride.” Most every track here impresses, and my next suggestion would be to expand his harmonious range, but this is pretty incredible and one of the year’s best retro flavored albums. ( Power Popaholic )

 A couple of years back, on constant rotation at my place was an album in thrall to The Beach Boys – rich in harmonies and stunning melodies. Bizarrely, it hailed not from California but from Rushden, Northamptonshire. Now, Aaron Hemington (for he is basically The Sunchymes), is back with a second outing that’s just as strong as its predecessor.

A few moments into the opener, ‘Revelations In Her Mind’, and you’ll know what’s coming – West Coast sunshine-pop as the Wilsons played it but with additional twists and turns. This time round Hemington has plainly been listening to a few British psych albums. For ‘Seargent Walker’ and ‘Uncle Alfred’s Slide Show’ have that sinister tweeness that characterises the best of the genre. They sound a little to me like lost ’80s mod band The Direct Hits, and that is a big compliment. (Ashley Norris)

There were a whole raft of albums recorded in the late sixties with a reputation for being lost classics of Beatles / Beach Boys style psychedelic pop. While some of these - The Moon, Colors and Family Tree to name a few - do live up to the hype, there are also a substantial amount whose reputations seem to have been tweaked by unscrupulous traders wanting to make some serious coin on disappointingly naff harmony pop albums with little to recommend them other than magnificent period sleeves. Sleeves a whole lot like that of "Let Your Freak Flag Fly". This admittedly made me a little nervous to begin with - I've been a psychedelic record collector for long enough now to be burnt a few times by albums that look significant and deeply psychedelic, but sound like cast offs by the Seekers.
My trepidation was quickly dispersed however. Aaron Hemington's Sunchymes have clearly made one of the better album of 1967 with "Let Your Free Flag Fly" - the fact that they're running a little late (it's a late 2012 recording) doesn't bother me a jot.
I kind of picture Hemington as a moustachioed Saturday afternoon serial villain. He's managed to trick all of 1967's top musical geniuses into gathering in a secluded location, but instead of blowing them all up and causing chaos for the nation's youth, he's had a last minute change of heart and they've all collaborated on a musical experiment to try and work out what a rainbow sounds like.
Said rainbow would probably sound a whole lot like "Let Your Freak Flag Fly", a kaleidoscopic pop masterwork which recalls "Sgt Peppers", "Pet Sounds" and early period Harry Nilsson, all tied together with magnificent choruses and Hemington's ornate multitracked harmonies.
Check out "Your Disguise" if you don't believe me.
It's not all sixties worship though - "Uncle Alfred's Slide Show" proves that Hemington hasn't just stepped out of a time machine, being reminiscent of prime period XTC, only without the overwrought eighties production that makes those albums less of a pleasure to listen to now that we know better.
Highly recommended. ( The Active Listener )



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